The Shifters of bear valley book 2

Bears are solitary creatures… until they’re not. Because when the perfect mate exists, why be alone?

Cedric has always had his twin brother nearby, and his older brother as well. He enjoys their company and sharing the territory with them, and can always find his own solitude when need be, wandering off into the mountains or the plains whenever he so desired. Companionship wasn’t in the cards for a bear, and it’s only the human side of themselves that allows their animal sides to share their space.

Still, every time he heads into town, Cedric can’t help but to wander towards the bar and watch the beautiful blonde with the big eyes and bigger smile, laughing and flirting her way around the space. Jealousy was never supposed to be part of his nature, and yet, any man who catches her eye for a few seconds has him wanting to rip their throat out, or at least leave a bear treat on their doorstep.

But when Owen finally makes a move on a newcomer in town, Cedric can’t resist her any longer, wanting to find companionship and maybe something more with beautiful Bethany. And when Owen shacks up with Cordelia, wanting her to become a permanent fixture in his life…

It’s not normal, for a bear to choose a mate, but Cedric knows without a doubt that Bethany is the perfect one for him.

His plan is crazy, almost as crazy and wild and fun as Bethany is, but with a proposition to give her the one thing she wants more than anything and a promise to bother her for only the winter season, he makes his move, ready to cart her off to his cabin before they become snowed in permanently.

If only he could figure out how to be honest with what he truly wanted, and winter never came to an end.

The second book in a series of paranormal romances featuring plus-size heroines and the bear shifters who fall in love with them.

Content Warnings:

  • Explicit Sexual Content
  • Breeding Kink
  • Biting Kink
  • Overload of Orgasms
  • Menophilia (oral during menstruation)
  • PCOS Representation
  • Desire to get Pregnant
  • Trying to get Pregnant
  • Fears of Infertility
  • (They do not get pregnant in this book)
  • Discussion of Parental Alienation
  • Physical Violence by FMC against a side character

Original Release Date : 26 April 2024

Available in Audiobook, Paperback, E-Book, and Kindle Unlimited.