Nature doesn’t care who you are. It doesn’t care what you are. It doesn’t care what position you were born into. Doesn’t care what others expect of you.

But things like designations and nature have never really bothered Gabriella. After all, it’s not something most people even worry about until their late twenties when they start to present, and she’s the daughter of two betas, so, her future is pretty set. She has more concerning things to worry about.

Like the fact that she’s the only child of Renaldo Santorini, Head of the Santorini Syndicate. She has an Empire to learn and run.

She doesn’t have time to think about Alphas losing their minds without an Omega, and Omegas being too weak to protect themselves without an Alpha around them.

But when she learns more about her father’s Alpha Enforcer program, where Alphas can somehow exist without the touch of an Omega, and meets his Head Enforcer and her new bodyguard Matthew, suddenly, she has questions.

Like, can he really exist without the touch of an Omega? Why aren’t his Alpha Pheromones sending her running for the hills? And, why won’t her father tell her all the details of this Alpha Program, like how it works, and why he even started looking into controlling the instincts of nature?

Nature cannot be cured. It can be held at bay, kept trapped beneath the surface, but eventually, it can no longer be contained.

And when a masked Omega returns to her suppressed Alpha Mate, they can only fight nature for so long.

Content Warnings:

  • Sexual Content
  • More TBA