The Shifters of Garoureve Book 3

She’s trapped, and there’s nothing she can do about it.

Gina had been looking for a sign when she pulled into Garoureve. The future she had set up for herself was not one she was looking forward to, but when her car broke down, everything felt like it was crashing down around her.

Realizing that she was trapped in the small town, Gina quickly made plans to escape. She can’t be trapped with wolves. She can’t be trapped with him.

From the first moment she meets Tristan, she hates him. He’s annoying, he’s coarse, and he knows exactly how to rile her up… so then why does she keep ending up in bed with him? Or more like, why does she let herself end up in bed with him?

And why does he keep pushing her away when everything in her tells her to be with him?

The third book in a series of paranormal romances featuring plus-size heroines, wolf shifters, fated mates, and a town that magically appears when it’s needed.

Content Warnings:

  • Light Bondage
  • Family Based Trauma of mixed persons
  • Discussions of Adoption and Loss

Original Release Date : 22 April 2022

Available in Paperback, E-Book, and Kindle Unlimited