Huh. So…

Let’s do this?

Obviously, make sure you’ve checked out my previous author stats if you want to know more about this. 

Cool. So…

Alright. Quarter 3. The Quarter I moved.

2022 Q3 Overview:

  • Started working with my CPA (July)
  • Needed in Garoureve Free Weekend (July)
  • Moved into a new house (August)
  • Released Owen (September)

This is like… the shortest list of what I did, and yet it was the longest few months I swear. I am emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually exhausted from this quarter. I’m glad it’s over. I’m ready to move forward. I kept telling myself, there is an end date to this whole moving thing, and basically told myself once September was over, it was time to get back to work and business, keeping a schedule, etc…

I’ll be damned if I wasn’t right. I’m writing this as of October 4th, and I finally feel back on track.



I should really start including graphs…

So, we had a steady rise, which was trackable. I didn’t actually add Owen’s Chapter 1 to my bio for a few weeks, so that throws the numbers off, but also the fact that I removed people who had been inactive more than six months.

I SHOULD HAVE SENT A WIN BACK CAMPAIGN BUT DIDN’T – I’ll be fixing that in the future. I do think that I will be, in general, clearing out my extra subscribers. I have about 60 right now who haven’t clicked a link in six months, which is about the time that people signed up for the first chapter of Trapped in Garoureve, so…

Win back campaign! Keep pushing!

I really wanted to get onto the idea of weekly newsletters. I don’t know if I will necessarily make it. But my goal is three a month, so!

Let’s get into the budget.



INCOME: This is the pay from May, which was good. Yeah.

PAY OUT: I paid myself. I paid my taxes. And I paid for marketing stuff for my book freebie. Woo.


Another month of existing.

INCOME: June. It was a rough ride.

PAY OUT: I now have a PA who I paid for. Also paid myself.

BILLS: I got a logo made.


And here we go. We’re back in gear.

INCOME: July royalties. The last of my whole like moving phase. So like, moving on, things will look a little better.

PAY OUT: Paid myself. Paid my PA.

BILLS: I bought stuff for my new office! Also, you know, 2023 Planner. And proofs.

2022 Q3 Spending Overview:

So here we go. Woo. Obviously I spent basically nothing on my shop while moving, and not much on book production either. And then uhhh Patreon I pulled money from. ACX and Amazon. And yeah.

Idk what to say.

Onto Royalties…


I completely like… didn’t market this book.

But just standby.


It once again won’t let me do a full 30 days but it doesn’t really matter.

I blew TF up again. Thanks tiktok.

Blue is One Night, Yellow is Needed, Green is Trapped, and Red is Owen.

My goal for this whole thing was 6k in total or 2k a month. Like, that’s break even for me. And uhhhh yeah. YEAH. Thanks to Owen’s release and a viral tiktok… September was saved!

Here’s the breakdown! Woo!

July: $2,359.77 (pd end of September)

August: $2,167.65 (pd end of October)

September: $2,934.17 (pd end of November)

And that’s that for Amazon Royalties? Let’s get to numbers.


Once again, I tried making a book free. I specifically did this over the few days I was traveling to Japan, as I would have marketing going out with two different places:



Basically, you pay money to get into their newsletter, and it’s sent out to their subscribers that your book is free. It’s an amazing resource, and I was nervous about paying it off, but wow did I!

For the sake of comparison, I’m going to show the next few graphics with July 17-30th so you can compare!

These are the total number of orders for those days – 3634 were freebies! You can obviously tell when it actually went free.

Once again, royalties did not dip down over those days, and in fact went up over the coming days – I was worried, since this was the second in the series, but no! It prompted people to read the first book!

ALSO THE PAGE READS! I think these are so important specifically because like… it just SHOWS that like my book is free but like I’m still also getting paid, which is awesome.

I will 100% be doing this again with my future books, just at random when I need a little marketing in a dip!


So, it’s pretty obvious that I was struggling. September was rough. Tiktok changed their algorithm, etc… And then Owen plus a viral video saved the day!

I’m excited to see where we go from here. I can tell you already that page reads in October are ON FIRE.


This is obviously with the freebie removed and Owen’s release in. Umm… This was a struggle, like I said. I was moving.

Can we all please pour one out for that poor Needed in Garoureve paperback that has been sitting in the warehouse? I’m praying for the day I can fully delete that version from my Amazon page.



Alright here we go here’s the overview. I continue to have a beautiful lack of graphics. Woo. Anyways, I am so proud of Owen. And uhhhh yeah!

2021 + 2022 Q1 + Q2 +Q3 Total Royalties: $28,290.99

Book 1 Royalties: $16,345.39

Book 2 Royalties: $6,613.43

Book 3 Royalties: $3,862.65

Owen Royalties: $1,468.69

2021 + 2022 Q1 + Q2 +Q3 Total Page Reads: 4,752,403

Book 1 Page Reads: 2,746,036

Book 2 Page Reads: 1,133,037

Book 3 Page Reads: 645,552

Owen Page Reads: 227,778

2021 + 2022 Q1 + Q2 +Q3 Total Orders: 2,400

Book 1 Orders: 1,364

Book 2 Orders: 540

Book 3 Orders: 335

Owen Orders: 161


Figuring out how to explain ACX is hard, but here’s the numbers for Q3.

This brings us to a total of 375 Net Unit Sales. I can also now say that I have earned more from this audiobook than I spent on it. Remember, I did go with royalty share plus, which means we share the royalties plus I helped pay for the production fees. I do not regret this in the slightest, as it gave me a good boost and a step I needed. I will, however, not be doing this with future series and will instead be producing them 100% from my own bank account.

I really need to get Needed’s narrator selected…


The power of tiktok is terrifying. Thank you.