Creepy Court: A Monster Mall Anthology

Welcome to the ‘80s

Bright neon lights are humming. Tunes are cranked to the max. And everyone from preppies to punk rockers are chilling out at the Creepy Court Mall—the happening place in town.

But behind the glam, things are stranger than they seem. Gnarly monsters hide in plain sight, and they’re on the prowl for their perfect mate.

So mallrats, tease out those bangs and tight roll those jeans, and bounce to the mall today.

Featuring creepy tales of horrifying love by:

  • Clio Evans
  • Beatrix Hollow
  • Vera Valentine
  • Latrexa Nova
  • Sabrina Day
  • SJ Sanders
  • Evangeline Priest
  • Maeve Black
  • C. Rochelle
  • Wren K. Morris
  • Elle M. Drew
  • YD La Mar
  • Ashley Bennett
  • Lily Mayne

Original Release Date : 13 October 2023

Available in Paperback and E-Book

The Phantom of the Theater

When something keeps interrupting horror flicks in the Creepy Court Cinema, it’s up to Deborah to figure out what, or better yet who, lurks in the shadows, and what it is, or again who, they want…


Content Warnings:

  • Neck Touching
  • Light Restraint
  • Explicit Consent
  • Light Foreplay
  • Cum Tasting

aka… if Elle took The Phantom of the Opera into a dirty alley and beat it with a roller skate and put on some neon eyeliner and said GET IN THERE.