WHAT MONTH IS IT? My apologies on getting this up so late. It’s now the end of May, and I feel terrible that I am so behind, but honestly, I’m only just now getting paid for March, and things have been a disaster over here, so you know what? We’re going to just accept that this is the way that things are sometimes, and run with it! Do y’all like the format of these posts? I almost feel like I am dumping too much information that isn’t the right information, so I never really know if this is what everyone

I honestly don’t even know how to start this post, so, I guess let’s jump right in.  I walked into 2022 with the… wildest introduction any person could have. Because, in the days leading up to the start of the new year, I had pretty good sales, making about six dollars a day, and I was more than pleased with that. I had outperformed my goal for my first book, I had a solid number of readers, and I had a plan for the new year… and then, a few days before the start of the new year, my book

Welp. We survived to the end of the year. Can I believe it? No, of course not, because 2022 was wild and crazy, but we did it, so now, it’s time to start working on some wrap ups! Please note, the 2022 as a whole wrap up won’t be up for another few weeks as I work on some other things and wait for final payouts, but in the meantime, let’s do this… Previous Posts, if you are interested! 2021 Post 2022 Q1 Post 2022 Q2 Post 2022 Q3 Post Also!!! If there’s a statistic or a number or something

Huh. So… Let’s do this? Obviously, make sure you’ve checked out my previous author stats if you want to know more about this.  2021 Post 2022 Q1 Post 2022 Q2 Post Cool. So… Alright. Quarter 3. The Quarter I moved. 2022 Q3 Overview: Started working with my CPA (July) MOVED TO A NEW COUNTRY (July) Needed in Garoureve Free Weekend (July) Moved into a new house (August) Released Owen (September) This is like… the shortest list of what I did, and yet it was the longest few months I swear. I am emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually exhausted from this quarter.

I’m going to be honest… this post is going to be a real contrast from the previous post. My numbers are very different, thanks to the fact that my move more or less stole all of my free time. I still maintained good numbers from where I previously imagined myself, but… Well, you’ll see! If you haven’t read my 2022 Q1 Author Stats Post , I recommend starting there! Same format as before. Let’s do it. 2022 Q2 Overview: Audiobook for One Night in Garoureve completed (April) Began work on Book 4 (April) Trapped in Garoureve Released – Book 3

Hello! So… same format as last time? Okay, cool. If you haven’t read my previous post about my 2021 Author Stats , you should probably start there. It will give you a lot of good background about where I started, where I wanted to go, and where I ended up. It should also give you a pretty good picture as to how I’m operating moving forward. Also, I skipped something in my previous post, but, I’ll be talking about that in a bit! First things first… 2022 Q1 Overview: Began production of the audiobook of One Night in Garoureve (January)

First, a welcome. If this is your first time reading one of my posts, this might seem a bit erratic. I write like I talk, which is fast and all over the place, and it never really seems to have a pathway, but in the end, it somehow all makes sense. And secondly, an introduction. I’ve always said I wanted to be very transparent about my author journey, how I went about doing things, how much I spent, and how much I made. Then, I started making a lot more money than I ever dreamed possible… and I also couldn’t

I fully believe on transparency. I have said a few times now that my budget for self publishing was small, and that I spent money I didn’t need to, and I took risks, but I regret none of it. Here it is. I spent $506 from July through January, releasing my first book at the end of November, and receiving my first royalty check at the end of January. This is how I started. Let me tell you what I did right and what I did wrong, and what I would do if I had a little more money. PO