Last March, I shared with everyone via my Patreon how I went about journaling, planning my week, and organizing tasks. I also included a video, showed off my various journals, showed off a new planner I had, and had a very color coded and organized system for tackling all of the things I concern myself during the week. If you think I still journal/plan that way, you’re crazy pants. Original Posts: Step 7 : Journaling Step 8 : Social Media Now, part of this is because life is busy. Part of this is because I’ve moved onto different journals. And

Huh. So… Let’s do this? Obviously, make sure you’ve checked out my previous author stats if you want to know more about this.  2021 Post 2022 Q1 Post 2022 Q2 Post Cool. So… Alright. Quarter 3. The Quarter I moved. 2022 Q3 Overview: Started working with my CPA (July) MOVED TO A NEW COUNTRY (July) Needed in Garoureve Free Weekend (July) Moved into a new house (August) Released Owen (September) This is like… the shortest list of what I did, and yet it was the longest few months I swear. I am emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually exhausted from this quarter.

Part 1 : Budgeting Are we going out of order? Yes, but this is important information, and I need to share it all. If you have looked at my Author Stats posts, you have seen my budgeting spreadsheets, so part of this you’ve seen before, but I actually want to go into depth on how I organize it and why, but also what I haven’t been doing but should have been doing.  I recently had a conversation with a CPA about what in all I have, and in turn, found out so much more about what I’ve been lacking, but

Let’s talk going wide! (from the perspective of an author who is NOT) Now, depending on who you ask, “going wide” means different things. The general broad term means simply that your book is available on multiple different platforms, rather than via one place of production. This does NOT mean widely distributed, which we will come back to in a moment, but instead is about the SOURCE of production. For many indie authors, myself included, that one source is Amazon. Amazon has my ebooks, my paperbacks, and through ACX, my audiobooks. Many people will say that being wide means ebooks

I’m going to be honest… this post is going to be a real contrast from the previous post. My numbers are very different, thanks to the fact that my move more or less stole all of my free time. I still maintained good numbers from where I previously imagined myself, but… Well, you’ll see! If you haven’t read my 2022 Q1 Author Stats Post , I recommend starting there! Same format as before. Let’s do it. 2022 Q2 Overview: Audiobook for One Night in Garoureve completed (April) Began work on Book 4 (April) Trapped in Garoureve Released – Book 3

When you eventually reach the point of talking to book bloggers, publishing groups, social media influencers, and other authors, you might be requested to provide something that I rarely see anyone ever talk about: a media kit. What is a media kit? I’m glad you asked. The short answer is, it’s a package containing all relevant information which someone might want and need to know about you and your brand. And in particular, when this comes to authors, this means they want to know about your books. Now, before anyone starts getting overwhelmed, I’m going to go ahead and show

This is going to be a giant walk through of three different things which I don’t necessarily think NEED their own individual posts, but they might need their own videos, but I’m going to give a walk through of each of these three items, and if y’all have questions or concerns, please ask and I will make a video walking through each of these if need be! Welcome to THE OTHER STUFF!  When it comes to Amazon, they love to make things extra confusing and difficult and give you ten thousand options with no easy way to process any of

Let’s talk about ARC Readers and how to find them. For those who do not know, ARCs are Advanced Reader Copies, meaning, they are advanced releases of your upcoming novel. Typically, you would want to send these out approximately two to four weeks before the release date, although in traditional publishing, these can sometimes go out two to three months before release. WHY SEND OUT ARCS? ARCs can be sent out with a variety of different goals in mind, but the main one is to have people talking about your book before it’s actually released so there is excitement on

Hello! So… same format as last time? Okay, cool. If you haven’t read my previous post about my 2021 Author Stats , you should probably start there. It will give you a lot of good background about where I started, where I wanted to go, and where I ended up. It should also give you a pretty good picture as to how I’m operating moving forward. Also, I skipped something in my previous post, but, I’ll be talking about that in a bit! First things first… 2022 Q1 Overview: Began production of the audiobook of One Night in Garoureve (January)

First, a welcome. If this is your first time reading one of my posts, this might seem a bit erratic. I write like I talk, which is fast and all over the place, and it never really seems to have a pathway, but in the end, it somehow all makes sense. And secondly, an introduction. I’ve always said I wanted to be very transparent about my author journey, how I went about doing things, how much I spent, and how much I made. Then, I started making a lot more money than I ever dreamed possible… and I also couldn’t