When you eventually reach the point of talking to book bloggers, publishing groups, social media influencers, and other authors, you might be requested to provide something that I rarely see anyone ever talk about: a media kit. What is a media kit? I’m glad you asked. The short answer is, it’s a package containing all relevant information which someone might want and need to know about you and your brand. And in particular, when this comes to authors, this means they want to know about your books. Now, before anyone starts getting overwhelmed, I’m going to go ahead and show

This is going to be a giant walk through of three different things which I don’t necessarily think NEED their own individual posts, but they might need their own videos, but I’m going to give a walk through of each of these three items, and if y’all have questions or concerns, please ask and I will make a video walking through each of these if need be! Welcome to THE OTHER STUFF!  When it comes to Amazon, they love to make things extra confusing and difficult and give you ten thousand options with no easy way to process any of

Let’s talk about ARC Readers and how to find them. For those who do not know, ARCs are Advanced Reader Copies, meaning, they are advanced releases of your upcoming novel. Typically, you would want to send these out approximately two to four weeks before the release date, although in traditional publishing, these can sometimes go out two to three months before release. WHY SEND OUT ARCS? ARCs can be sent out with a variety of different goals in mind, but the main one is to have people talking about your book before it’s actually released so there is excitement on

Hello! So… same format as last time? Okay, cool. If you haven’t read my previous post about my 2021 Author Stats , you should probably start there. It will give you a lot of good background about where I started, where I wanted to go, and where I ended up. It should also give you a pretty good picture as to how I’m operating moving forward. Also, I skipped something in my previous post, but, I’ll be talking about that in a bit! First things first… 2022 Q1 Overview: Began production of the audiobook of One Night in Garoureve (January)

First, a welcome. If this is your first time reading one of my posts, this might seem a bit erratic. I write like I talk, which is fast and all over the place, and it never really seems to have a pathway, but in the end, it somehow all makes sense. And secondly, an introduction. I’ve always said I wanted to be very transparent about my author journey, how I went about doing things, how much I spent, and how much I made. Then, I started making a lot more money than I ever dreamed possible… and I also couldn’t

The most basic thing I can say about formatting is… find a program that works for you, and stick with it. Not really, but also sort of really. This is going to be a long one, and to be honest, my current feelings on this subject are somewhat wonky, but here we go! Formatting can be something you hate. It can be something that exhausts you. It can be draining and impossible. It can also be something you accept and let go and just allow it to happen. It can even be something you throw money at in order to

Am I going mildly out of order once again? Yes, but because this post has been highly requested, we’re going to go ahead and slot it in right here. Why? Because… y’all asked. There’s no reason other than that lol.  But also, this title is a lie. Sort of? I don’t know. Basically, this right here is all about how to plan your publishing schedule. This means for your first book, and then, for all of the works beyond.  Just… stay with me here. Elle’s Project Planner  ALSO OPEN THIS LINK IT’S AN ELLE FREEBIE BUT DON’T DO ANYTHING WITH

Alright, so you have your pre-order done, and it’s time to start promoting your book. You now have a link with which people can pre-order your book, and even more than that, add it to their wishlist and their TBR!  Now, there’s a few things you need to do before you go any further and start promoting it… UPLOAD YOUR BOOK TO SITES It’s time to start getting your book onto some book reviewer sites. By having them already uploaded to these sites, and doing it yourself, you make sure that the information is correct, AND, you can have people

Welcome, Welcome, to setting up your pre-order. In order to set up your preorder, you will need the following things: Book Title Series Title Book Release Date Book Cost Book Cover* Book Blurb* Please note, those last two are not actually requirements, however, I do strongly recommend them. Either way… let’s get this show on the road. It’s going to be a lot of images. A lot. But, I’m going to show you everything step by step. Please note, this is Part 1 of Pre-Orders. Part 2 will be about the promotion of your pre-orders, how to announce, etc. Also,

I mentioned last week that we would next be addressing Social Media and how to plan that content. Now, I’m going to say some things that y’all don’t want to hear, and it sucks, and I know it sucks, but this is a mooshing weird combination of… How to make social media content easier to make and manage, but also, how to have social media growth. Here’s the hard truth no one wants to hear… you have to make content to see growth. I KNOW. IT HURTS. IT SUCKS. Some people can simply say hi and gain thousands of followers,